Dev Spirits

Dev Spirits

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CTO and Director : Shota Kishi (KishiTheMechanic)

Born in June 1989. Graduated from Yokohama City University.
Specialty: Front End Development, UI/UX design and Data Allocation
Languages and Frameworks:Node.js / Golang / Python / Ruby / PHP / JavaScript / TypeScript / Babel / Ruby on Rails / Django / Angular / Vue.js / Slim / Sass / Pug / Stylus / HTML5 / CSS3 / Linux / Google Cloud Platform / Amazon Web Service

At the age of 4, Kishi began playing with the Macintosh LC 575 in his home and began learning how to type using Roman letters.
Always living alongside computers, he studied architecture at the Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology, then majored in psychology at Yokohama City University.
Using the essence of each in UI/UX design, he took up front end programming.
His achievements include the web direction and web app development for a chain of hotels with 20 locations nationwide (including the USJ official hotel) and various Saas front end development contracts.

Never be satisfied with the present, constantly move forward.

We have to be prepared to take in all of the advancing technology the world has to offer

There are many engineers in the world, continuing to make developments in a wide variety of fields. New programming languages are created every day. What was impossible in the past is now possible. Even things that we were able to do have now become significantly cheaper to develop. There is nothing so ridiculous as thinking that AI is just a fairy tale. Cloud technology provides machine learning platforms for all people. Basically, "new technology" solves something we weren't able to solve before. When a problem needs solving, we work to develop a solution to that end. Such "new technology" is being developed all over the world, and we are fortunate enough in modern times that this information can be conveyed in real time on the Internet. It's all there waiting to be taken in by the prepared. Whether or not people do so is up to them.

Don’t get too comfortable with the skills you have now

As I said above, the current progress of technology is remarkable thanks to the efforts of developers all around the world and their tremendous impact. The things we can achieve with new technology has increased while the time it takes to achieve this has decreased. We can no longer hold the old mentality that "it can be done as long as we have an abundance of time and manpower". I do not believe that the skills we have now will suffice in the future. Rather, I always try to keep my ears open to the latest information so that I can be ready at any time to discard obsolete skills and embrace new ones.

Take the next step without fearing failure

Failure is inherent in challenge. In our world, failure comes to us in the form of "error". "Error" is common in daily system updates and you will probably encounter it many times while mastering new technologies. However, you cannot create or develop new technology without making and fixing those errors. So we press on everyday with the adage, "The more errors you come across the more adept you will become."

Attackers are always on the move

You might think that "I might as well stay the way I am if I'm only going to get overwhelmed with errors". However, keeping up with modern technology is not just for improving function, but also for maintaining security. Malicious attackers are also obtaining new technologies on a daily basis. Systems are made by human beings, and as such there is no absolute safety. The longer the system goes without change, the more time there is for attackers to find weaknesses and faults to attack, which is why it is essential to keep up with the latest technology from the point of view of security as well. Just as every adventure begins with a step out the front door, we start from the simplest daily system update to uphold the grander objective of maintaining the latest and most stable system.

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