Our Team
Susumu Yamamoto
Joined Tokyo Bay Escort Co., Ltd. in 1973 and then established Dolphin Yamamoto in 1979. In 2000, he relinquished the company to GEO Co., Ltd. where he took on a role as senior adviser. In 2009, he was appointed senior adviser to the Shirokoya Corporation. He is adviser to the Ennokai Association and was the first president of Goodwill Corporation.
Fumitake Kawasaki
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer
Areas of specialization: data science, cloud architect design, web application development (server side).
Shota Kishi
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Areas of specialization: cloud architect design and direction, web application development (front end).

Yukio Yamazaki
Corporate Auditor
From Mitsubishi Bank. Former Auditor of Geo Inc.
Danté Carver
Design adviser
Chief Executive Officer of AtAt Design and also an actor and model. At ELSOUL, he is responsible for comprehensive design, including logo and icon design.
Arthell Isom
Director of Animation
Chief Executive Officer of D'ART SHTAJIO
Stephen Murphy
D'Art Shtajio: CG Director. Tsuya: Animation, CM, KOTO REVIEW, edit, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie - FX Artist - 2015