Representative greeting

Fumitake Kawasaki, Representative of ELSOUL

In 2021, ELSOUL focused on the development of open source software "SOULs" and focused on the growth of ELSOUL to prepare for the current wave of digital transformation around the world.

As a result, in October of this year, we were able to release the Ruby serverless application framework "SOULs Ver.1", and this SOULs project was certified as an advanced research project by the Dutch government (WBSO).

Since last year, the effects of the new coronavirus infection have put us in a very difficult situation worldwide. Avoiding wearing masks and crowding, online meetings, telework and teleworking have rapidly progressed, but it does not seem to converge yet, and IT of internal business and cloud migration for the future world We are constantly searching for the best way to plan.

In 2022, we will first support the promotion of digital transformation (DX) using the current "SOULs" framework. And we will create new software services and face further sustainable growth. DX, which makes effective use of data in all areas, will surely progress for the purpose of strengthening competitiveness and improving business flow. As cloud technology is evolving rapidly, the possibilities of applications continue to expand, so we need to further enhance our ability to make proposals and creativity.

As the slogan of "Keep learning, keep challenging", we have a "culture of continuing learning". Based on our ultimate mission as a company to "make society a more enjoyable place by reducing trouble and waste," we will develop software that solves the problems of modern society.

Finally, I hope that the new coronavirus infection, which is still rampant, will be resolved as soon as possible.

Fumitake Kawasaki


After graduating from Yokohama City University, joined Rakuten, Inc. Founded ELSOUL JAPAN in 2012.

After launching software development companies in China, India and Vietnam, he moved to Europe and the United States.

Based on his experience in the software business from various positions from sales to research and development, the Ruby serverless framework "SOULs" developed to solve problems in the field has been certified as an advanced research and development project (WBSO) by the Dutch government.