ELSOUL, INC. history

History of ELSOUL

April 2012

Established ELSOUL, INC to contribute to the digitization of Japan

April 2013

Started providing IT consulting services

April 2014

Software development business started with development fund of 30 million yen

July 2014

Established a 3D printing company in the Netherlands

September 2014

Established a trading company in Shanghai, China

April 2015

Business contraction due to software development failure, withdrawal from each country

April 2016

Started development and operation of chain hotel multilingual accommodation reservation website

Google Adwords (then, now Google Ads) support now available

August 2016

Experienced in-house media server down and started learning cloud technology

May 2017

Amazon Web Services Standard Technology Partner Certification

August 2017

Certified as a Google Cloud Platform (then, now Google Cloud) partner

March 2018

Established offshore development branch in Hanoi, Vietnam

April 2018

Established offshore development branch in Jaipur, India

June 2018

Issued 60 new shares for listing and raised 30 million yen

Changed capital to 31 million yen

November 2018

Issued 380 new shares and raised 38 million yen

Changed capital to 50 million yen

December 2018

Business tie-up with Cambodian support center operating company

January 2019

Successful bid for U.S. government-affiliated cloud development, maintenance, and operation

Minatomirai branch opened

February 2019

Hotel PMS system development started

June 2019

Hotel PMS system orders

July 2019

Hotel PMS system delivery does not continue to be used

Withdrawal from each country due to unprofitable offshore development

July 2019

Review of organizational structure. Minatomirai branch closed.

Software development business resumed with two founder officers (Kawasaki and Kishi)

October 2019

Orders for development projects for accommodation reservation apps with integrated site controller

February 2020

YouTube channel opened to expand sales of reservation apps

YouTube shooting camp in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

March 2020

Development camp in California, USA

Early pandemic rush

Cancellation of reservation application development project

Completion of the concept of a new architecture (later the prototype of SOULs)

April 2020

Develop and hold a nationwide gift campaign affiliated with the U.S. government

August 2020

Suspended hotel-related business due to pandemic situation

Closed YouTube channel

September 2020

Established ELSOUL LABO B.V. and ELSOUL HOLDINGS B.V. in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

October 2020

SOULs project started at ELSOUL LABO B.V.

April 2021

Advanced Research and Development Certification (WBSO) from the Dutch Government for SOULs

October 2021

Open source serverless framework SOULs released

SOULs certified as Google Cloud integration product

Google Cloud Technology Partner Certification

November 2021

Adopted for open call for participants at RubyWorld Conference and decided to give a lecture in December

December 2021

Lecture on SOULs at RubyWorld Conference