Mission statement

ELSOUL's slogan, mission, and values


"Keep learning, keep challenging."


"Make society a more enjoyable place by reducing hassle and waste."


Challenge without fear of failure

Failure is an experience point. In fact, we have improved with many failures. So the challenge has only two consequences: success and growth. We will continue to welcome the challenge.

Pursue better judgment

We don't have the idea of cutting corners. We are always looking for the best for the situation. We aim to be a better company without failing daily analysis and improvement.

Don't stick to what you stack

New information constitutes a new world. Revolutionary inventions can occur anytime, anywhere, so we always accept changes in things from a flat perspective and continue to embrace good things.

Think from various positions and perspectives

In reality, it is quite rare that there is only one correct answer to things. We value "empathy", keeping in mind that there are various positions and perspectives.