Team introduction

Introducing the ELSOUL Software Development Team

Fumitake Kawasaki

Representative Director and CEO

Specialty: Backend

Favorite language: Rust, Ruby, Python, PHP

After graduating from Yokohama City University, joined Rakuten, Inc. Founded ELSOUL JAPAN in 2012. Based on his experience in the software business from various positions from sales to research and development, the Ruby serverless framework "SOULs" developed to solve problems in the field has been certified as an advanced research and development project (WBSO) by the Dutch government. ..

Shota Kishi

Representative Director and Vice President

Specialty: front end

Favorite language: TypeScript, Rust, Ruby, Dart

Graduated from Yokohama City University. Participated in ELSOUL JAPAN as a founding member while still in school. Responsible for software product design, development, design and marketing. In front-end development, we are good at creating multi-platform compatible (PC, tablet, smartphone) application with excellent UX by human-centered design.