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Google Cloud Next'18 in Tokyo

2018.9.19 - 20

Tokyo Prince Hotel、The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

About Us


Unconventional thinking that prioritizes the latest technology

We believe the Internet has changed common knowledge in the world. In fact, all over the world, everyday common knowledge in the programming world is being rewritten. Getting to experience these 'revolutionary programs' is geniunely awe inspiring. The reason why we pursue IT technology is to create this sense of awe.

Equal Access to the Power of IT for All
In the conventional interpretation, IT is a familiar word with a long history. While the word remains unchanged, technology continues to spread at a tremendous speed every day. We define IT as something that gives everyone an equal chance. Through IT, we can destroy the concept of borders, culture, and status, eliminate inequality, setting things right through cutting-edge technology to create a borderless world.
Creative Disruption and Breakthroughs
In the world of IT, today’s technology can turn to trash at anytime. What was right today could be wrong tomorrow. We avoid dogmatism so our technology does not become obsolete. Regardless of the development language or project, we pursue constructive IT technology aimed at actualization.
Creating Maximum Profit
We maximize company profits based on the two axes of increasing sales and reducing costs. Eliminating wasteful costs such as personnel expense and system usage fees through IT minimizes expense. Numbers are made visible through IT to improve sales, making it possible to quickly obtain the information needed for the data-driven perspectives that prevail in marketing. As a result, clues to improving company sales and costs are actualized in one platform.

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