Company Profile - ELSOUL, Inc.



Establishment Date

April 23rd, 2012


CEO:Fumitake Kawasaki

Executive Vice President:Shota Kishi



Main Bank

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and others

Main Business

Cloud-related consulting, design, construction and operation (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services)

Planning, designing, developing and managing web applications

Planning, development and operation of data analysis/marketing systems

Research and development of AI (artificial intelligence) technology, block chain technology

Planning, development and operation of various systems and applications

All operations incidental to the preceding items


Cloudpartnerbadge vertical
Certified Google Cloud Platform Partner

Google Cloud Partner
G Suite Partner
Google Partner(Search Advertising)
Google Mobile Site Certified

AWS partner network (APN)
AWS Standard Technology Partner
AWS Technical Professional Certified
AWS Business Professional Certified

Alibaba Cloud
Alibaba Cloud Partner

Business Partners

Google Asia Pacific

Google Japan

Amazon Web Services Japan

Alibaba Cloud

Company Philosophy

The 10 Commandments of ELSOUL


Take the next step without fearing failure

If you are afraid of failure in a world where constant technology development is key, you will get left behind fast. At our company, we appreciate challenges and create an environment that makes getting crushed by failure difficult.


Always be in pursuit of the latest technology

Always try to keep your ears open to the latest information so that there is always a possibility of adaption and improvement.


Don't be held back by conventional wisdom

In the IT industry, what was once conventional wisdom can be completely overturned in an instant. We perform our work without being tied to conventional thinking, starting with our company's sytems and organization.


Don't be overy prideful

The concept of age-based seniority has no place in the IT industry. Foolish pride becomes an obstacle when adapting to new technology, so we should be open-minded at all times. Never forget the spirit of learning.


Always give your best and then give a little more

In anything you do, doing a little more than you did the day before will always make yourself better. By doing so, your knowledge, skills and self-worth will never cease to grow.


Program to bring people together

No matter how well the programming is written and comes together, humans are the ones who use the end result. The goal of our company is to create programming that brings people together.


Always be prepared to restart from scratch at anytime

Even when you are almost finished with a project, restart from the beginning if new technology presents a better way. Doing so often helps reduct time and cost in the future.


Be healthy in mind and body

You can't give your best peformance without a healthy mind and body. Maintain mental and physical health is key.


Keep up to date with the developer languages

Choose the language best suited to accomplish your goals. Thinking, 'I have never used this language before, so I guess I just won't do it,' will rob you of the opportunity to discover career changing skills. Always choose the best method to accomplishing your goals.


Automate everything you can automate

If we come across work that is repetetive for people to do, we look at its programming and see if we can't automate it. In the long run, this creates extra time that can be used for technology development as well as for life.